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Formerly know as Coastline K9 North, we are now BTS K9 Dog Training. We are a professional dog training company serving Fort Walton Beach, Fl and all surrounding areas.

We offer dog training services, obedience training, puppy training, on-leash obedience, off-leash obedience, behavior modification, service dog training, protection dog sales, and day care with training.

Our Trainers

Elena Beplay

Expert Dog Trainer/ Owner

Elena is a US Air Force Veteran of 10 years and entrepreneur. B.S. and M.B.A in Finance. She has been working with dogs and animals for the better part of her life. Elena began a career in
dog training and started a business with her husband Byron after separating from the military Her focus has been on providing pet dog training services and developing protection dogs.

As a mother of four she understands the need for a well trained dog and strives to provide that ease
of mind and care to all of their clients. Elena enjoys training her personal dogs in search and rescue and protection sports. She also serves as an administrative volunteer for the Rescue 22 Foundation.

Byron Beplay

Expert Dog Trainer/ Owner

US Army Veteran of 13 years, 3 rd Ranger Battalion, 75 th Regiment. Byron began his dog training career after he separated from the Army and began working with his service dog. He became a passionate advocate for the Rescue 22 Foundation and Veteran suicide awareness.

He ventured into protection sports and developing protection dogs working under leading trainers in the U.S. and attending many schools and seminars in the disciplines of decoying, protection, detection, military and law enforcement K9 development. Byron enjoys working his own personal dog in scent detection and volunteers his time to help with local law enforcement K9

Byron began his business as a partnership location with Coastline K9 out of Naples FL. Here he developed and trained many behavioral problems and family protection
dogs before opening the business BTS K9.

Byron is passionate about bringing awareness to the
veteran community and creating a safer community through dog training for our clients and their  families.

Rebecca Dabney

Expert Dog Trainer
Rebecca Dabney was a police officer for the city of South San Francisco for thirteen years, nine of which she was on patrol with her K9 partner, Ares, a Belgian Malinois.  During her time with Ares, she had hundreds of street deployments.  She also contracted as a police k9 trainer for Trident K9 and multiple other training companies in Northern California.  She attended several K9 Conferences, handler schools, and trials during her time there.
In 2020, Rebecca moved to Naples, Florida where she joined Coastline K9 and quickly moved up to the Lead Dog trainer, overseeing the care and training of all pet dogs, mentoring new trainers, and assisting with the personal protection dogs.  In 2022, Rebecca joined the Coastline K9 North team as a senior trainer and decoy.  She also began competing in PSA (Protection Sports Association) and earned her PDC with her personal dog, Willow.  Rebecca also trains service dogs for the Rescue 22 Foundation.

Keturah Hall

Expert Dog Trainer

Keturah has been training for over 25 years. She started in the 4H project doing dog showmanship and advanced obedience. About 5 years ago after moving to Florida she began working with severe
aggression cases as well as advancing her education in Decoying.

With her personal dogs she enjoy competing and training in the areas of Protection Sports, Dock Diving, Fast CAT, and Barn Hunt. Keturah has attended continuing education by attending the STS K9 Seminar, STS K9 Heeling Course, NePoPo Seminar, Deadpool Decoy Seminar x3, and David Pappalardo’s Protection Workshop.

She enjoys seeing dogs that have behavioral problems improve and thus improve the client’s life and relationship with their
dogs. She believes it is important to give the clients tools to work with their dogs at home and understand the training philosophies. Here at BTS K9 she takes pride in providing a clean kennel and managing the
kennel staff.

Loran Perry

Expert Dog Trainer

Loran started dog training when she was at the young age of 16 years old. She took on her first sport dog named Sammi which sparked her passion in training.

Loran advocates for pet owners to explore the dog sports world, as she believes it strengthens the relationship between handler and dog. She is also passionate about animal and human nutrition and enjoys exploring healthier options for our clients’ pets.

Loran is most active in Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, and Protection Sports. Her personal dog Jo has been ranked in the Top 5 German Shepherds nationally for multiple years. Loran has a B.S. and M.S. in Nutrition and has attended the STS K9 Seminar, NePoPo Seminar, Deadpool Decoy Seminar x2, and
David Pappalardo’s protection workshop.

Her goal as a trainer is to strengthen the clients relationship with their pet through consistency and clear communication.

Andrea Hartsog

Expert Dog Trainer

Andrea has been working with animals for over 30 years. As a child she helped her father train horses and hunting dogs.

She has recently retired from Social Working and chosen a new career in dog training and animal care. In her spare time, she works with Rover clients and has a big heart for rescues. Her patients and kindness with animals carries into how well she cares for and trains all of our clients dogs.

Andrea is passionate about making sure the dogs in training are in a comfortable environment while having fun in their training programs.

Michelle Balverde

Expert Dog Trainer

U.S. Army Veteran. Michelle began working with dogs while active duty and became more involved with this career path the more she gained experience. Her and her daughter have two dogs they love to train and work with.

After separating from the Army she decided to turn her love of dogs into more than just a hobby. Michelle began hosting Daycare and Boarding at her home. She started an internship here at BTS K9 and has continued her path as a trainer. During her internship She attended a NePoPo seminar for dog trainers and found a new love for working dog breeds and solving behavioral problems.

Matt Stuart

Expert Dog Trainer

U.S Air Force Veteran. Matt has been training dogs for 9 years. He started off as a handler for the military and has undergone multiple deployments for the Secret Service and other missions involving detection work. After attending the Lackland AFB main training school, Matt was
awarded the title Master Trainer which is a title only earned by 1% of military dog trainers.

Here at BTS K9, Matt is one of our lead decoys and enjoys working dogs in protection development, helping with our PSA (Protection Sports Association Club) and training dogs with behavioral problems.

Matt is most passionate about obedience work and controlled aggression. He loves to read the dogs and see things click as the dog moved through the training process.