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Providing highly trained protection dogs across the United States.

BTS K9 is the solution for your security and K9 needs. We train and deliver the highest performing Protection Dogs and Executive K9’s.

Personal Family Protection Dogs

Owning a protection dog is a unique experience that requires new skills and a new mindset. BTS K9 is here to walk you through the steps and create a seamless experience for you and your family. We give our customers more than a dog, we give them peace of mind and education.

Common reasons for a protection dog:

Family Protection Steps

2. Match your lifestyle to the perfect dog. 

a.  Here at BTS K9 we will match your lifestyle to the perfect K9. Rather than force the sale of a dog in training to fit your needs we will personally select the dog based on your family and lifestyle. After selection the dog will enroll in a customized training program.

3. Complete the in person or virtual handlers course before delivery. 

a.  Complete a preliminary handlers course to go over basic dog handling skills that will prepare you and your family for integration. The course can be completed virtually or in person at our facility. 

4. In home integration.

a.  Our team will spend 3 full days at your residence providing a successful integration with you and your family. During this integration course we will immerse our team into your daily routines, go over advanced scenarios, family education, additional pet integration, and ensuring your security concerns are met.

5. Add on our exclusive security package to your K9’s delivery.

a.  Add on an additional 2 days post integration with our professional security staff. We will provide a fully customizable security package that will fill in any gaps that you may have. Popular customized courses may include: on site property security survey, advanced scenario based training, self defense course, in home defense scenarios, or professional firearm training. Ask us about other capabilities. 

Need more than a Personal Protection Dog? Explore the options of Executive Protection with our team

1. Complete a demo and consultation. 

a.  Complete an in person or virtual consultation.

Executive K9’s - Providing Single and Dual Purpose K9s for sale.

Does your security team need more than a protection dog? BTS K9 provides trained K9’s and handlers with multiple capabilities.

Executive K9 Steps:

1. Complete a demo and consultation. 

a.  Complete an in person or virtual consultation.

2. Match your businesses needs with the perfect K9. 

3. Complete an in person handlers course at delivery.

a.  Opt in for an on site delivery at your chosen location with a 4 day handlers course or visit the beautiful Florida beaches for a handlers course at our facility. 

Sustainment Training

BTS K9 Offers Private Lessons, Decoy Lessons, and Protection Board and Trains.

Whether you are desiring to develop your puppy in protection through our private club or would like refresher training for an already professionally developed protection dog, BTS K9 is your solution for protection training. Contact for a free consultation. 

Police and Military Training

Contact for a customized course. 

Based out of Fort Walton Beach Florida

BTS K9 strives to Be The Solution for your K9 needs